This Summit will:

  • Connect real-world problems and work processes as starting point for case-based learning scenario’s
  • Present how to design curricula based on the work processes modelled.
  • Demonstrate Body of knowledge for GI*EO and Curricula Design Tool
  • Provide view how could companies make use of BoK and tools: Occupational Profile Tool and Job Offer Tool
  • Present scenario’s for learning actions
  • And provide you opportunity to attend sessions presenting EU agencies and programs related to space and space technologies

This Roadshow will:

  • inspire you about the many applications of space data,
  • let you explorehands on how space data can be applied in your daily life or work environment;
  • and provide you with the tools to act.


  • EO4GEO Project objectives, activities and results
  • ECMWF lectures
  • About Copernicus and its services
  • EUMETSAT satellites
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Integreation of satellite data
  • Dissaster management
  • Industry inspration
  • Flood forecasting
  • Air Pollution
  • EO knowledge and enterpreneurship
  • Remote sensing 
  • Urban developement
  • Air quality
  • Copernicus master and hackathon programs
  • ERASMUS+ programs
  • Workshops

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