Due to online nature of this event, it is imperative to undertake extra due diligence efforts during the registration process in order to minimise the risk of hacking or other malign activities. This implies having to check each and every email address given for registration and follow up on any suspicious emails for further clarity before accepting their registration. This often happens – but it’s not exclusive to – email addresses from free platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others (i.e. non-professional – @earthobservationcompany.com – emails).
This will include the following measures:

  • Registration approval – unlike previous events, registration confirmation will not be automatically granted, and this will be clearly signalled on all invitations and on the registration process on Lyyti.  Extra checks will be preforme on the registration details given by each participant before sending them a confirmation email.
  • Further checks on emails addresses from free platform domains – participants using these emails for registration will be contacted organizers for follow-up questions before granting them registration approval. Please note that, in the interest of protecting the quality and smooth organisation of the event, its speakers and its participants, we will not grant registration approval (nor the subsequent links to the sessions) to anyone who fails to satisfactorily answer these follow-up questions.
  • A registration platform frontend which dissuades malign parties from registering – When fine-tuning the registration form on Lyyti, we will be sure to include mandatory details (such as e.g. an university name, something that gives the impression of a subsequent follow-up process) which dissuades people who are not serious about their participation in the event from attempting to join it.
  • Sessions link only shared with approved participants – the link to the event sessions will only be shared with the approved participants on the day before the event, with an explicit request not to share it on social media (only the link to registration will be shared on social media posts).

For any questions, please contact info@copernicusroadshows.eu


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